Candidates wishing to be enrolled to pursue either TECHNICIAN CERTIFICATE (NTA LEVEL 5 IN NURSING or AN ORDINARY DIPLOMA (NTA -LEVEL 6 in Nursing or ORDINARY DIPLOMA IN SOCIAL WORK NTA LEVEL 4-6 ), have to fulfill the general minimum entrance requirements specific to each academic program as stipulated here under:



  1. In Nursing program
  • Technician certificate (NTA LEVEL 5 in nursing) or an ordinary diploma (NTA -LEVEL 6) both has the same qualifications which are Holders of certificate of secondary Education Examination (CSEE) with four Passes in non religious subjects including D passess in Chemistry, Biology and  Physics / engineering sciences, a pass in Basic mathematics and English Language is an added an advantage.

      Applicants who do not meet these minimum requirements will not be considered for this program.

  • Upgrading  (from certificates level  to diploma level) either for one or two years studies – an applicants must have certificates awarded in nursing and passes science subjects with grade D or whoever completed nursing before 2010 to have grade D in any science subject.




  1. In social work program
  1. Ordinary Diploma in social work {fresh applicant from secondary school} a candidate / applicant should have the following minimum qualifications: Hold certificate of secondary education examination (CSEE) with a minimum of four passes (4 passes) excluding religious subjects or National vocation Award (NVA) level 3 with atleast 3 passes of CSE.  Applicants who do not meet these minimum requirements will not be considered for this program.


2. Applicant to Technician Certificate in social work (NTA level 5) should have the following minimum qualifications:

  1.    Holders of Advanced Certificate of secondary Education (ACSE) with at least (one principle pass and subsidiary) excluding religious subject
  2.    Holders of relevant NTA level 4 in social work
  3.    Possession of Technician certificate in social work related disciplines including Community Development, Nursing, Gender, Child protection, Community work, Counseling, Youth work, Law, Psychology, and basic technician Certificate in Community health.
  1. Applicant to diploma in social work (level 6) should have Technician Certificate (NTA level 5) in social work
  2. Attach copies of Secondary education Examinations (SSEE or ACSE), any other acadaemic qualification(s) if any, copy of birth certificate, one recent pasport size, NMB payment slip
  3. Important: aplication fees Tsh 30,000/= should be made through NMB bank.                        NMB ACCOUNT NUMBER: 32101601130                                                                                                        Account  Name: MURGWANZA NURSING SCHOOL